testing a date thing

(:if expr date "-1month"..tomorrow {*$BlogDate2} && equal {*$:TestingYeah} 1:)
(:include Site.FoxCommentBox:)
(:elseif {*$:TestingYeah} 1:)
None here!
(:if {*$:TestingYeah} 1:)

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TestingYeah: 1
BlogDate2: {*$BlogDate2}
BlogDate3: {(ftime today %F)}
* (:if date "-1month"..tomorrow {*$BlogDate2}:) true (:else:) %red%false (:ifend:)
* (:if expr date "-1month"..tomorrow {*$BlogDate2} && equal {*$:TestingYeah} 1:) true (:else:) %red%false (:ifend:)
* (:if expr date "-1month"..tomorrow {*$BlogDate2} && equal {*$:TestingYeah} 0:) true (:else:) %red%false (:ifend:)
* (:if expr ! date "-1month"..tomorrow {*$BlogDate2} && equal {*$:TestingYeah} 1:) true (:else:) %red%false (:ifend:)
* (:if expr ! date "-1month".."-3weeks" {*$BlogDate2}:) true (:else:) %red%false (:ifend:)

TestingYeah: 1 BlogDate2: 2007-10-16 BlogDate3: 2021-08-04

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  • true
  • false
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