I know this is a bit late, but I thought I'd put a couple of things up here related to Simon. How about a list of signs and words he knows right now? We're kind of at the end of the whole signing thing now but he still throws in a few now and then.


hat more butterfly elephant cat dog frog bird milk help cracker banana book sun spider light fan phone diaper bib toothbrush sleep eat airplane bunny fish


apple ba (blanket) ball balloon banana bath bird blocks blue boat book bow bowl bug bus butterfly bye cake car cat chair cheerios (chee) cheese chips clock cookie crust dada dog door down drink ear eat fish floor fly foot fork frog garbage girl go hat help hi horse juice keys kiwi mama mmmmmm! moon more mouse no nose off on oooh! oops pear phone pie plane plate please shoes socks stairs table teddy teeth thank you that this train truck uh oh up walk wall washer watch water what wheel yucky (ee ee)

animal sounds & onomatopoeia

tweet moo woof meow roar baa maa grr oink aoooo (wolf) cock-a-doodle-doo (sort of) caw, caw squeak vroom boom pop tick tock choo choo burp

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