Alrighty, so basically the blog is moved. I decided to keep the domain for other purposes and move the blog over to Why, you may ask? Well, mostly because, aside from a few music nerds we know, it seemed like a lot of people couldn't figure out how to pronounce, let alone spell, my domain name, and that seemed like a problem. Of course, once you bookmark something it seems like you don't really need to know the url - but really, how many people use their bookmarks to visit their favorite sites? I don't.

In the middle of moving, unfortunately I decided that trying to keep the comments that were still around was too much of a burden and I decided to get rid of them. Sorry! You can always, eh... write the comment again?

Also, I think for now I'm happy with where the design has gone here. I'm thinking about adding something cool looking to the side of the page where there's never-ending whitespace, but I don't know what to use yet, so for now, it stays white. I guess on a lot of screens you probably don't even see a whole lot of whitespace anyway.

I almost decided to switch back to using Wordpress. It's pretty cool, does all the blogging stuff easily and automatically, etc. But hey, I've grown quite fond of PmWiki, so I guess I'm sticking with that for now.

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Jon (
September 21st, 2007 at 12:24 pm

Commenting seems to be working fine now. Carry on!

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