Toddler bed

VoilĂ ! I could've blogged about this a while ago, but Simon's moved from his old crib into this new (as of a few weeks ago, and actually it's used) bed. He started climbing in and out of his crib as though it was easy as pie, and sleeping in random places on the floor of his room, so we figured it was time for some kind of new arrangement. We didn't really want to pay full price for one of these puppies, as they're quite expensive and we have no idea how long he'll fit in it but it's not going to be 10 years, so we had figured we'd just throw the mattress on the floor and call it good.

But lo and behold, a pristine toddler bed appeared in the consignment shop, for a fair price, so we caved and bought this. It's very nice, and we're actually quite glad to have it. Simon wanted to go to bed immediately after seeing it, and still really likes it weeks later; plus, we can sit down and tell stories, read books, or sing. What's become of it in the last few weeks? Well, Simon fills it regularly with books and all of his "animal friends." It is also inhabited nearly round-the-clock by a 3-foot long stuffed tiger. So, all in all we're fairly convinced it was a good purchase...

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