I haven't written a blog post in a while, so here goes. I've basically made my wiki into a bliki by moving over some old posts from my old blog (which is now defunct). It was an interesting process that basically involved copying text over from the old blog, doing a bunch of global search and replace to replace html (e.g. <a href=") with wiki markup, and then modifying a few attributes so that I could make sure the post's date was correct.

I've also dramatically changed the look of my site, as you can probably tell. It's rather simpler than the old one. The sidebar and navigation functions have moved up to the top left under "Navigate".

Update 6/4/06: This weekend, I added commenting; feel free to comment away. For anybody who's interested, I based my setup on Hans Bracker's BlogSimple recipe, but his requires that all posts be put in the same group, and I wanted to make it possible to list blog posts from various groups. This makes the linkage quite a bit more complex, but the concepts are essentially the same.

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