Well, as I'd said over there on the right side of the screen already, I've been trying to figure out a nice way to make sure that it doesn't matter if the left or right column is the longest and the footer will still end up way down at the bottom. One accepted method, assuming you're going to use absolute positioning, is this one. However, it seems to work somewhat annoyingly with my site, making the screen blink all the time when you load a page. I'm assuming this means that there's something slowing things down enough where the javascript takes effect later than it should, or something. But what's slowing it down? Looks like I'll have to examine my pages a bit and see what I can do. I'm thinking maybe the del.icio.us bookmarks widget (Things I Bookmarked) might be slowing it down, maybe that's my problem right there.

Edit: nope, wasn't the del.icio.us links. It did seem to get faster when I simply removed all the content from that sub-content area though, hmm.

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