I have released a new version of BlogSimple2, a lightweight multi-group revision of BlogSimple.


The new version requires at least PmWiki 2.1.27, as it includes nested divs and {*$Variable} variables.

There are several changes to the structure. Please be aware of these when updating from a previous version--some of them require modification of existing pages and style sheets.

  1. The main template for displaying blog posts, #recentblog, has been updated to use semantic naming of divs (.blogpost, .blogpost-title, .blogpost-content, etc.) and some of the classes have changed. This will need to be addressed in styling of the list.
  2. The wikilib.d pages have been updated to the new {*$Variable} standard.
  3. A special {$BlogTimeOfDay} page variable has been added. This allows the post to state in natural language the time of day of its posting. The recipe already features pre-set language, but these can be overruled easily in config.php.

A little note: my pages are not consistent with this recipe, because I have been playing with social bookmarks and the like. More about that later.

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