I'm sort of unsure of what I think of the fact that my blog is so eclectic. I mean... the last few posts were a recipe, Simon singing a song, an article about music genre stations on Pandora, a review of a restaurant, and something about the Iowa Caucuses. Couldn't get a whole lot more varied than that... yet, they're topics of interest to me. And all the while, the most popular post on my whole site by far is an article bashing two-tone paint schemes in houses. So is this eclectic thing working? I'd have to argue probably not really... it's hard to know what to write about, when you can write about anything. Y'know, you'd think that you'd write more if you had more potential topics, but the opposite may very well be true. Problem is, it's hard to pick a single topic of interest, too, when you have a lot of interests. So what should this blog be about? Posted in

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